• Real devotion is what you send out by the heart and soul.
  • Real devotion is what you live by the heart and soul.
  • Real inner devotion is what you carry out in the world with loving heartfulness and illuminating Light.

You are the only one who can decide to live soulfully. No one else can. The moment you start accepting yourself and be okay with self you can take action into your own prosperity of your soul.

Soulfully said… being soulful is nothing else that you align with self, in the most loving form of self-love and in this sweeting of self you start living your own intuitive leads by following your intuition.

You are often your own best critic, your own nagging anti-soulful mindful diversion of your own predestined path. You are not meant to live mindful! You are meant to live soulful and in the mist of the mind you get distracted.

And BE…

Conform your own predestined plan of being and live that inner sweetness in the most radiant form there is. With the heart and with the soul and live a soulful life. That you touch others with your inner loving core, illuminating Light and with that inner capacities what belong to your unique soul… Get started and sweeten up your life…

Love, Irmgard