We all do have an astral body. This concludes and combines the energy of the soul and can rise up into the energetic means of the universe and universality of your being. Once you become aware of your unicity and become whole and one with all you are about to rise in your astral means of being.

There might be a possibility that this renewed awareness, the oneness with self and all there is (the universal energetic combined wealth of all), might give you such an uplift into your frequency, the vibrational resonating existence of your soul, that you can easily distract yourself of your humanly form and existential meaning.

This means that you are in fact capable to rise into your soul existence in such an outstanding and peculiar way that you can rise into your astral body whenever you want and wherever you want too. Once you are awaken in this singularity of your existential sublime possible ways to distract yourself in the universal energy you might notice, feel and actually see your astral body moving along your humanly self.

As this capability is preserved for some of you, be so much aware, that this singularity, this capability is one of a kind. Everybody feels, lives and notices it on their unique ways and as your soul is risen in its origins and is suited to expose itself to your humanly form you might be distracted and may be surprised or shocked what is going on.

The possible ways of the soul to express itself are multiple and in its uniqueness it might give you some clues, some visibility to rise more in your means than you ever expected. When the soul ‘decides’, moves, into its astrality it will show you what it is capable of. You don’t need to be distracted as your astrality is and always will be there. You all came from the stars, are fed with the energy of the wholeness of all and are supplied by the source of all: the divine well of Al(l).  There is no distinguish between your souls only the groundings, the rooting’s may differ into its carried love & light.

There is no further meaning of it all. Your soul only shows its astrality when you are ready to move further in your frequent evolvement to rise up in your unique means of being. Do not make any further conclusions on this. Just accept the fact that your soul is rising and want to show you its capability, its stardom and fragile, fluctuant, star body. Be spectacular rising into you soul prophecy and be magnificent rising in your unique -one of a kind- magic…

Love, Irmgard

Ps. I received this words after an extraordinary experience. Many times I see my soul, inner child outside myself moving. But yesterday evening, just when I lay on bed, I saw besides my bed a ‘body’. Fluctuant body (more an energy with a form of a body made from little shining stars). I noticed this for a few minutes and I heard the words: “when you are elevated in your uniqueness you can perceive your astral body”. What confirms me that I saw my astral body moving around in my bedroom. It was quite a magic moment. As I notice, feel, see, hear, smell a lot in energy this was quite new to me. It surprised me…