Healing means that you are about to clean, to undo, to clarify your soul of all its burdens, its wounds of the past. Of this life or former lives.

Nothing is so unmeaningful now that you carry around with the pains of the past that slow you down on your evolutionary path. The foreseen path of evolution. The path of transformation. To the luminescent means of your beloved soul. The transcendental uplift of your humanly energetic source into the encounters, the groundings of the universe.

It is all about The (great) plan of love: the almighty plan what is dwelling around, to spread its love and its help to let your souls grow into their prophesied means. There is nothing so profound and so dedicated to your lives that you enable your soul to uplift itself into its essential means and grow in its prosperous talents, prophesied potential and it own light. In its own love.

Clarification, healing of your soul can be enormously contributing to your transformative growth and once you allow the universe, in the surrender to the magic, magical processes will take place. All on behalf your soul, its envisioned path and its translucent meanings of life. Your life.

Many of you are growing into the illuminating prosperity of your soul by the clarification, the healing processes, what currently take place. It is not meant to let your humanly self, grow but it is meant to enlarge the space, the capability, the inner sanctuary of your souls. Healing is so extremely helpful to grow, to evolve, in your best potential (higher) self that the universal common wealth of love, The Plan, is all pointed to elevate your souls to its highest essential, authentic means.  

You are doing well, we are so proud of you all, those who dare to allow the universal energies and many, many loving dimensions to do their thing (to come in and help you). The combined uplift of uncountable souls all together in time. Earthly time. The divine timing of your reset, the cleaning of almighty plenty souls together is predestined. All those who carry the light directly from the source, the source of Al(l), are those souls who have gathered their plans and contracts the common mission: to uplift your entire planet, dimensional surroundings, by their dashing loving sources. Their luminating souls.

The moment is there to unleash your souls of its heaviness and become lighter to the light, to become more loving to the love and far more of all to become aware of yourself, your softening, your surrender to your combined missions. Missions of sharing the multiple loving lights to reach out, in connection of souls to souls by the hearts of you who are concerned, and to touch others in their souls by your illuminating lights and loving hearts.

Be gentle, soft, mild and be irrevocably understanding about your means, processes and missions. It is all for the best. Soul best. Planetary best. Dimensional best as the translucent transformation is not about one single soul to be lifted up in the energy of the universe but about numerous uplifts of many souls together at once.

Be prepared that your missions will start to form itself in purity, in eagerness and in dedication and most of all that your heart is carrying your open souls in all its beautiful sequences to show the outer world its potential, its meanings, its potential but far more its loving lights…

Love, Irmgard