When I heal my heart, I am healed for the greater whole.

When I heal my soul, I am healed for the combined loving energies.

When I heal my spirit, I am healed for all the great spirits together.

When I heal my body, I serve mankind by preserving my soul in the best way I can.

I am a child of the universe and I take a good care for my heart, soul spirit and my body.

In this complete wholeness I can carry along, evolving the best possible way I can and will be abundantly blessed by the universe for that.

In the healing concept lies the growth, the abundance and deepening in myself. I am an evolving matter. Substance of the greater wealth and submerged by my humanly mind. I am an abandoned child of the universe in the misconception of the mind.

I am wholeheartedly contributed when I serve the universe by healing in my wholeness, the complementary assets of my soul. I am humanly after all. This makes no difference as I am a soul. Now, than… forever.

Love, Irmgard