Life is not an obstacle run. Your mind might think it is, but it isn’t. The perception of the mind is set on -standardly- a negative attitude. It serves you all the bad scenario’s you can envision.

Life is more about learning in those peculiar moments. The steadiness of the flow is captured in the acceptance. The easy flow occurs when the pre-thinking of the mind is minimalized in its dooming thoughts.

Life is about positiveness, to gain and to get the inner happiness, the luscious soul expanding in all its uniqueness.

Life is all what you allow it to be. Give it room to expand, give yourself space to learn and evolve, give yourself time in your processes.

Life is never meant to be a time issue nor about setting a destination point on the horizon.

Life is all about growing into your inner wealth, your soul goodies and showing your most beautiful essential self to the world. With all its unique qualities.

Life is never about competing, about power, about deceptions. The predomination of the mind might give you allowance, but your soul never will accept this.

You are here to live life. Live it at your best. Soul best. The growth of your soul in its preset alignment and universal environment. You are just passing through on earth. Live it the soul best you can without that offensive thoughts and negative input.

Love, Irmgard