There is nothing so peculiar than to live your own version of life. You impossibly can’t live anyone else’s idea of life and once you conquer your own path this will be clear by yourself, your heart and your soul.

Living your path isn’t something what you think you can do. This is a feeling. A feeling deep down inside, an inner knowing, a conviction what is settled in your soul DNA and that means that it never can and never will be evoked by the idea of wanting, willing, must do.

It is an inner calling, a remembrance of those settings, a divine tingling inner clock what makes you aware of the sub consequent meaning of life: living your own path, your almighty unique soul and diving into the prospectus and settings of your beloved soul self.

Do not hesitate, and never will do so, to launch yourself in the prosperity of your soul. It can’t be lived by someone else’s idea of life and it certainly is not what the universe wants for you.

Always start with believing in yourself, loving yourself and give yourself the worth you deserve (to be). Be… like being in your best unique, potential, possible way you can. We are all distracted by other means of life but this won’t lead us astray into something what isn’t meant to be.

So by each step you take, every decision you make, make sure you base these decisions on behalf of your (soul) self. This conquers that you have to listen to your heart, your inner longings, the passion what lays deep inside yourself and in the love you put into whatever you are doing. This is based on your feelings and you never can be led on your soul path by the mind. Your calling, soul living, spreading your love and passion has all to do with the longing, the desire and passion of the heart and soul.

You are the only one who can feel this. You are the seclusive meaning of your own life, path and decisions. In every step you make, every decision you make don’t let yourself be distracted by that mind of yours, by others or their idea of living. Be genuine, authentic and base everything and all on that deeper longing inside. Provoked and send out by your soul, its voice (the intuition) and the dashboard of your soul. In the remembrance of its original settings.

You are capable of doing that. Living your life. Your soul life. Full of love, passion and steps what makes you endlessly and finally happy. Rome isn’t build on one day either and this means that you have to slow down in the acknowledgment that everything comes on its (divine) timing and each step counts. Even the falling, getting up and moving on. We certainly pronounce this every single moment again: yes, you are able to do this. Yes, you can. Start feeling and take notion of this feelings what your love is about. Feel the passion. Feel yourself. Listen quietly to your inner voice. It knows. It certainly knows your path. Now is the moment to feel your unique passionate path. Good luck!

Love, Irmgard