There is no such thing as coincidence. All is arranged as soon as you walk your path. You might think you have free will but although you might have this conclusion set there is nothing like free will.

A matter of fact is that your soul knows its leads, its alignment with the universal wealth, the energetical source of being and in the confidence, the truth of your soul, it will find its own path. Foreseen and narrated by the universal common wealth of Al(l). All loving connected dimensional existences formed by the loving and the illuminating standards of this particular dimension.

You are a pioneer, an unique pion in the universal game. Whether you think you have free will that is okay, be our guest, nevertheless just realize that the only free will there is, is between and in the cadres we serve you. Your soul path, your soul goodies and everything what comes out of your soul all remembered by its unique, not identified, energy is one of a kind. You might be copied in your humanly being but never will there be nor exist some kind of soul that resemblances, can identify, with your unique soul concept.

Although everything is set, also that coincidental synchronicities, there is definitely a free choice. This distinguishes of free will in the total concept of being. We serve your soul the willingnessly chosen subjects, the learning lessons and everything what crosses your path to be dealt with, learnt of or to sprout, blossoming, and you chose at the end. Be particular understanding of your soul concept.  Your soul has chosen all its learning lessons you just have to follow its leads in your humanly vessel…

Love, Irmgard