As gratitude is a dearest virtue no one is excepted of the loving input of the abundant wealth of the universe. Even the smallest acts of incomprehensive feelings, actual moments, meetings or coincidences might be arranged by the unexpected wealth of the universal goody bar.

In the slightest acts of feeling, knowing into intuitive meanings and softening’s, there is not something that might be evoked by the mind as it concerns the loving gestures of the universal energies.

As all is what it is and all is meant to be as long as you narrate by the heart and soul there is nothing at stake, nothing to lose and certainly nothing excepted as the meaning of your path is clear. This might be an answer for us but rather a question for you. Everything in between, every process you go through or you have completed, is neither a question of where you go to but far more a life sentenced path of what do you have to process. What do you have to learn from the start until the end. The rewards are in between. Even in the tiniest acts of loving moments.

The abundant wealth of the universe, the soul growth of your soul evolving processes, are meant to be a singularity on its own and you never can compare one or another path to each other. The unicity of this length, the depth and even the contributive assets are unique and stands on its own. Clarity is ours. You just have to follow the leads of your heart and soul and the rest we present you on the effortlessly method of being always concluded and fetched with the soul capacity and soul longing of your peculiar and singular soul to process. And just know that you never will presented a path that is too difficult, too heavy or not inherent to your souls longing to expand in the universal wealth and prosperity of its own (settings).

Be grateful to learn amongst everything and all, be prepared and willing to dive and to be launched in your unicity. Although it might be a difficult and emotional path full of challenges and tests stay into the greatest granted gratitude to learn. Your unification is a, say the, wealthiest contribution to your evolution and perhaps you are tired, ‘devastated’ of the processes this still does not conclude that all what you have been served, all you learnt aren’t seen and aren’t granted into gratification.

Keep notice, act upon your souls eagerness to dive further in its prosperous meanings and meanwhile keep your wheel of abundance going by showing your gratitude towards the universal almighty energies, your spirit team, guides, helpers and all that unseen helpful energies who carry and lovingly help you to expand in your own greatness. The greatness of your personal potential meanings, the capacities of your soul, its lessons and above all its capability to launch itself in prosperity when the divine timing is set.

Come on, keep on going and realize that you mustn’t be distracted of your real path by your mind, others of whatever what does not suit your path, soul and its settings. Keep your resonance high by doing what you love to do and that will expand your ‘soul trip’ as its passion might be felt, might be sparkled and might be sown…

Love, Irmgard