In the fulfilling wish of my dreams I can launch myself way up to the stars, supposing that the universe will do anything what is best for my soul, but… unfortunately that is not the way it apparently works. In the demanding (and pushing wishes) of my soul it is quite stubborn about the processes to take. As my humanly self is the operating vessel of all its wishes, the soul can want, wish and push a lot, it is rather depending on my materialized body, my universal soul carriage, to make the steps on behalf of my soul. The stubbornity of my inner light, source or call it lightpower leads me to beyond my boundaries, out of comfort zones and to actions I never have taken before or didn’t dare to take.

My soul dreams are depending on the actual will of my humanly self and that is quite a distraction sometimes, a gap between “two wills or willing concepts” nevertheless as my consciously living idea and concept too is highly interwoven with the push, the lead and sparkle (and motivation!) of my soul I am aware that although I choose, the free will conceptual state of being is and remains highly exaggerated by the universe.

I am not what I think I am, I am not what I fear I might can do and I am certainly not my own limit in the fulfilling possibility of the quality of my own life. I became one with my soul, connected deeply with it (processed heavily) and in the alignation I will step, my humanly self will step back and share itself behind the soul, its dreams and its will.

The almighty universal good will lead my soul self into its evolvement path and the best (with the best I mean the most fulfilling) thing I can do, the biggest steps I can take to make progress, learn into my soul source is to embrace what is prospered, showed and challenged. It takes some earthly time to become one with self but it also takes some time to step over the fears, the pains, the backpack of the past what weighted me down to clean up the soul to let the universal light & the love come in. To make it possible in its rooting conceptual state, all navigated and based on my particular soul plan and contract too, to launch itself in its unique ways, to prosper itself in its energy and to expand itself in wholeness.

In the exactly means of being I have reached that exact point now. To have faith instead of fearing what is coming, to take the leap despite of being comforted in my zone, being open although closing down, limiting and hiding self is that usual humanly pattern. It is quite a challenge to be fearless regarding life itself, the challenges, the difficulties and one thing I learned until this exact moment is that that the force within, this light force -my humanly empowerment- can overcome all. It is so natural to be fearful when you have to jump into your soul dreams and the mind nags, limits and has a negative preference concerning life changing moments.

I am on my way. Following the dreams of my soul by its universal input and overcoming my own limitations, difficulties, patterns, ideas and lack of confidence too. In total acceptance I embrace what is coming, what is meant to be and in the confidential whisperings I get I already have been shown the path, its possibilities and the foreseen outcome. It is me who is too stubborn, too indevotional clear in my faith (being stubborn in my fears), in my believe that all what is shown is my truth. The faithful truth of being. Once I have admitted this in its conclusions it will take a leap, the universe will expand into using its universal gear to get things done, unfold and launched. I am on the launching platform… launched into the faithful dreaming context of my soul, its means and its universality. The counting has begun… I cause with my humanly self the delay…

Love, Irmgard