The crazy thing about love is that you have to believe in it to receive it. You can’t search it, you can’t provoke it and you can’t force it. Love is love unconditionally meant ,universally seen.

The universe is build on unconditional love and beyond anything you are a part of the universe as well. You are meant to live love unconditionally, frankly and free without expectations, without measurements and without any kind of condemnation or reinforcement.

Love is absolutely free of charge, free of sublimations and free of any subjective particular way of thinking. Love is unbelievable powerful when love is meant to be. From soul to soul. Soul love is the most exquisite love there is, as you see this on the universal level of perception. Soul love is undeniable the most foreseen love of the universal common wealth’s and it is predicted based on plans, universal plans, and/or contracts too.

When you search for love, searching for such a deep commitment, connection from soul to soul, you can be rather disappointed when such a love can’t be found as this kind of love is an universal arranged love and therefore you can’t search it in your terms, in your thinking neither on your demand. In your time of being.

Universal deep unconditional love is multiple soul love. Variated from love between two secluded, disparted souls, to multiple disparted souls. All matched and foreseen on divine timing. Your earthly thinking, your earthly humanlike search for the ultimate love, is not a love foreseen by the universe. We foresee the decline of your human mind, the setback of your humanly thinking and the total surrender of your mind to your beloved soul.

Soul love is soul love and can never be evoked, wished and demanded (ordered) with your narrow thinking humanly mind. So, if you search for the ultimate love in your life… the love of your soul to another soul, be prepared that you do not have to wish for anything, you do not have to search for this kind of love and you never can evoke such love with your humanly thoughts, desires and shortcoming being.

In the unconditionality, setting the time back into endless encountering and even in the surrender of your humanly self to the divine plan or plans of your soul you might encounter, live and dwell in such a love during your lifetime on earth. Currently lived. You can’t wish for anything you do not know about. So, try to get your soul remembered to its plan, its love and its sequences and dive into its library, plan and evocation to at least touch it in its core to get that remembered.

Shortly said, your wish is certainly not the universal command. If you want something you have, universally seen, something to do about it and expand your soul in its knowledge by remembering its settings and do not, and that is emphasized, think you earn, can search or wish for such a love as it is already set in your plan and/or contract or doesn’t. Your soul knows, you don’t. So get your soul activated in its DNA-remembrance and get aligned with the universal source again to fill its library once more in its remembering feelings.

Love, Irmgard