A positive transformation is set the moment you realize that you are awaken in your truth. In your dashing inner truth. Soul worthy truth. Universal transformation is an inner accomplishment and can never be learned, processed nor transformed in the energetical standards with the mind. It is a soulful business. From the start until the end. The end in eternity.

There is nothing to fear when the universe knocks on your inner door someday. However they are far accomplished than we are (we are just the waken you up before you go go and keepers of plans and contract souls) with their magical instream and outstream, their magic and all they can serve you conform your plan and contract, there is nothing to be afraid of. The universe is a gentle, loving surrounding and it therefore serves you the loving goodies or they are about to serve. This does not proclaim that your processes are easy. Even an universal kick under the humanly ash can be loving. As learning, evolving, is your goal. Their goal.

To be awakened is nothing you can evoke, to be ordered or to be learned. It is a moment of divine timing and the moment you are set on the universal action board, scheduled in divine timings, you are on. You are hit in the fan of your inner sideboard, your dashboard and the moment of truth is near to be awakened in.

Living completely besides your soul self needs to be miraculized and ‘magicalized’ by the universal energies. You can’t do anything about it, you will not be warned, you will not be informed. Divine timings are set like that and once the universe bounces on your inner door you are surprised like nothing before… just realize we told you so.

You are a child of the love, of the light of the universal wealth and your streams need to be awaken into their truthful meanings. That is the purpose of life. Of your life. The existential soul truth. It can be rather confronting when you are an ego driving person (living and standing far from you original settings) and the universe knocks loudly on your inner step. The entrance of your heart & soul.

The surprise is all ours by the way. We are just the way you are surprised, too. We know its time, you are on board, on the league but we never know whether you will open the door to your inner steps. To your heart and soul. As it is all up to you. You have a free will, a free choice and you are supervised to ignore us. It can be narrated by the mind to shut us out or off. You decide as free willing humanly soul.

Nevertheless, we are an abundant universe, stubborn souls too and the moment you ignore us or shut us out we will come back and will set your door wider open by banging it harder, louder so that you start listening. Most of you are so wise and so eager to let us in as we, stubborn souls, we won’t give up. We have eternity. The moment you realize that it is time for you to let us in, you are about to awaken in your own truth.

We do not promise you a rose garden (although you signed a contract too you know) neither a sufficient easy life. Not at all. We set the standards, the goals, of your evolution. Your awakening in consciousness, in wondering and in self-realization. It won’t be easy the emotional roller coaster you are about to step in but we can promise you a more sustainable, contributive and satisfying life. As your inner potential is to be picked up, to be lived and in order of that (of the plan and perhaps contract too when this concerns you) you are about to step forward in your own means. These means are fulfilling, are dazzling adequate and will (finally) contribute to your life, plan and purpose too.

Your means are set. Set by the moment you decided as a soul to step on the humanly planet board, into the dimensional grounds of your earthly planet. The moment you breathed for the first time in, your evolution -as a humanly soul- began. It is not a matter of how you will awaken in your truth of being, it is not a matter of (the) time we will step on your inner doorsteps… it will be rather of divine timing. What can’t be influenced by man nor their will.

It is our timing. We set it and we let you in. We let you in the magical world of wonders and nothing will be the same anymore. So fasten your seatbelts when we are there. We serve you, your soul, quite a ride to be the best, the most sustained and contributing soul there is. Purposed soul. To the universal energetic wholeness of being. Of being related to all what is, of all what can be and all what might be. All is. You are. We are. On (divine) time. Scheduled. Just be aware of that. To welcomed on board. The universal magical board.

Love, Irmgard