Actual update of the combined loving energies. We are here now not to intervene and tell you how you must encounter yourself a way unto the elaboration of your soul, your soul consciousness and your awakening concept. We are here to help you to discover your ways to evolvement, enlightenment and to lift up the entire soul of your planet Gaia.

We are not set to direct you the actual way. Our helping forces are near and around you and it is a misunderstanding of our means and efforts that we do all the work and that you only have to sit and wait before things start to happen or change.

It is apparently clear that all of you can feel that things are about to happen, are about to change but the major change lies in your hearts and souls. We can’t and will not clear every unique singularity as each personality, soul has its own concrete plan of being (perhaps supplementary a contract) and give the standard lines for every single path as you all differ by its unicity.

It is quite a miscomprehension as you are expecting that all changes, moves and outgoing linings are formed by itself. We cannot move into your existential truth and we are not allowed to do so. The intervention is prohibited and foreseen just by the energetic help we are allowed to give to smoothen and open up your path. Nothing is so peculiar as you might envision ways of help that do not exist, a movement what is not there or an outcome that is not foreseen.

Keep on moving in the direction the heart goes, the soul follows and every intention you set by those two, by the means of your energetic being, is one ahead. Standing still is and will never an option as moving in your energetic bulb of being is called evolution and the evolutionary matters will let your soul grow into its prophesied meanings of existential truth. Your living existential truth.

Things are passing by and you, many of you currently experience this, are opening up by the exact programming of your soul DNA. It is not a single movement now it’s a standardized setting of your souls to open up and increase the energetic rooting’s in your soul.

You are hosted by the loving energies and beyond and it as fact that those who carry the colors, the almighty settings directly aligned in or by the source of all have chosen (you are not chosen!), we repeat you have chosen, to fulfill a task to help on the earthly grounds others to open, to uplift and spread their loving potential and dashing light into your grounds of being.

We are here to help and that is our standard. In the increase of those who spread their soul possibilities, talent and worthiness to others, in the finest purity there is, lies the opening, the global awakening ahead. Please do conform yourself to your plan, the contract too if this applies to you, and be almighty risen into your own standardized settings. Universal settings. Do not make a fuss about your potential, task and just do what is meant to be. Contractual soul: take your mission for granted (as acceptance is very contributing) and do carry your own love and light by its own embracement of the higher self. Soul self.

Take your life back. We know you suffer from the deepest pains and soul wounds to clarify your souls and that you are carrying the heaviness what dwells around. Certainly we are aware that your own light, your loving light and its path weights you down now and then. As we say that there is an awakening shift going around what expels enormously. This will easy your soul by being the extra-ordinary drain to others energy. The heaviness will be over.

Take your power back and in the empowerment, in the self-confidence of your worth, potential and path you will feel, notice and experience that things are about to change. There is nothing so proclaimed unhelpful as you stay negative and live negativity. A positive relief is coming and you can only invite this to your lives as you are open enough to feel and experience this.

We are dedicatedly there to help you. Don’t feel lost, prioritized by your missions and that you might feel yourself set back behind your missions. We are aware that you, carrying souls, spreaders of the love and light are suppressed by the weights of your own singularity, the unique alignments of your souls. Although, we never promised your soul a rose garden you might be opened up to universal loving energies and ask, feel free to ask our help as clearly and as much as you feel to.

Frequently rising into your means of being this might differ and that is al okay by us. Do not set yourself apart anymore and do not feel damaged or molested by your own processes. It is a timely structural setback, due to your own unicity (all programmed in its succession) and be peculiar about your means. Life is not only struggling for you all who’s mission lies in universal contracts but your evolvement into the dust is also meant to enjoy, fulfill your dreams and to evolve into your capabilities.

All is well, all will be well. Well by the means of the common energies. You feel the uplift, you carry the uplift. The transcendental, transformative formative energetic movement. The shift to a higher dimensional frequency. Do not live the uplift anymore. For others, for yourself. We are here to ease your path, your pains and your missions. Feel free to feel this in your awakening soul truth…

Love, Irmgard