• Take one single soul
  • Open up to the universal energies and add some universal flavor
  • Make clear you heart (the bowl) is whole wide open
  • Set  your intention to receiving. Keep stirring
  • Stir and mix it heavenly & blend it well together
  • My o my… It’s going to be delicious!
  • Let your love & light be nourished. Pay attention. It takes time to rise
  • Your risen alignation has to spread. Do your home cooking well
  • Spread it in a huge golden light can and put all your love in it
  • Alignment & acceptance is recommended to get the best result
  • Spread it out and let your golden suspension of love & light bake
  • Bake in it your own enflamed oven… Called passion
  • Let your passion come and bring it all together
  • Heat it, turn that flame harder on and let’s bake your golden dish
  • After some time, take time, as time is universally seen eternal, your radiant magic is ready
  • Ready to launch in (inner) prosperity and touch all that other golden souls with your creation

Have a good appetite! Keep on baking!

Love, Irmgard