The evidential meaning of life is not supposed to be reasonable getting what you long for but what the universe wants you to get, to proceed and process. The true accomplishments of the meaning of life is not what you want although rather what the universe wants. The will of the universe is far more comprehensive and adjustable to your reasonable meaning of life and the fitting what you want, will and finally get is and depends on the exact will of the universe. Of your plan and this might include your soul contract too.

You are not supposing to be forced into the will of the universe. It is more based on free will and making choices based on this free will of being. Nothing stands on its own and every singularity, every choice influences the following, the outcome and the path you are willing to take.

Be miraculized by the universe and its sustainable magic. Once you are on your path your meaning of life will be apparently more be implemented, more visible and be more clear into knowing. Knowing of feeling. The path might be lighter and there might be more clearance nevertheless the path might give you challenges and everything in between. It is a lifelong route. The getting is far more underlaying to and the wanting is suppressed by the soul, its means and its clearance into knowing.

Your free choice will be and is always the main lead although the universe knows your plan, your contract too if this applies to you and leads you into your highest -essential- self and potential. The main lead is to keep on following your heart and soul and in the tests, distractions, challenges the universe serves to you lie the biggest lessons, the most evolvement and the most important your meaning of life: to be who you are supposed to be.

Your essential self with its capacities narrated and directed in directions, leads and inner knowing’s by your beloved soul. You are so soul worthy, soul capable and soul pure to dive in your own light, your own love and all the beauty what lies inside your inner diamond. Your soul lies beneath, in the chambers of your heart, to be acknowledged, to be polished into the brightest shininess there is. To its most outstanding glamorous inner glory. It is made to shine, to blossom like a beautiful rainbow flower. To show the world not only its glorious illuminating light but also its blossoming inner loving passion.

The meaning of your soul life is to varnish and gloss your soul self in its evolutionary prophesy, in its glamming inner soul DNA dashboard and its sequenced petals of the beautiness of your blooming petals. The petals who unfold itself by each step you take in favor of your soul, its prophesied potential and its longing to evolve itself to the highest universal standards (read pillars) there are. Nothing is so peculiar to dive in your inner self to unfold all that beauty to its predicted and foreseen shininess and to unleash yourself of your humanly standardization by its ego mind.

O yes, certainly yes, you can do this! It is all proclaimed and foreseen. Perhaps you might not yet be awaken in your potentialized meaning of life (for everyone reigns a different moment of divine timing and being)… one day your soul will be remembered in its settings, its glory and existential truth. Take it easy.. when your consciousness, soul awareness, comes in. Rome isn’t build on one day either. Take your time… soul time to polish your diamond, your blossoming loving flower, your illuminating light.

Just know there is a reason for everything and everyone and maybe your meaning of life might not be visible yet… one day there will be clearance. All set and arranged by the almighty magical good called the universe.

Love, Irmgard