No men’s land is hiding. No men’s land is not the place to be. No men’s land is the place where you ought to be recognized with yourself. To turn no men’s land into your existential truthful reliable place of existence. It is the exact place of being. Be-ing in the total seclusion of yourself. It is your framed inner energetic source what is highly applied to the energetic wealth of the universe. The sourced out and instream of the universal energy, the universal guidance and the universal loving contribution to your inner wealth: your sourceful being.

You can’t play hide and seek anymore. You have been there. In total delusion, seclusion but also in your total embodiment of loneness. You have to wake up and lose all that what weights you down. It is not a matter of time… it is a fact. You have to wake up. Waky waky! Don’t play hide and seek with the universal wealth if you don’t have any clou what you are doing, what you are talking about and even when you stick your head in the ground, disillusioned or not, we will find you.

You can’t conquer yourself without being conquered. We will conquer you. Your disillusion, devastation and destructiveness isn’t ours and we see right through you, are near you and are there to let you discover and feel your light once again. As you are a child of the universe too we will help you to find your way out, to the right path and direct you to your path. To your highest potential.

You are nearly there. You have to fall and breaking, breaking into tears to be fallen apart to build yourself up. Building yourself up from the pieces of what is left. Brick by brick. All. The wall what thorned you, shielded you, is falling apart. Will be fallen apart. Into shredding neglecting unconfirmed and uncomfortable pieces.

Your past doesn’t define you. What you lost doesn’t define you. What you carry in your loving heart and soul that is what defines you. The maturity of mankind does not compel and cannot be compared with a soul what does carry so much light in its core that your shield will not last. Will not stand. You have to shine! You have to break that fence off and in the destruction of yourself lies the pain. The pain of neglectance, of loneliness, of remembrance. Even still this doesn’t define you.

You are okay. You will be fine the moment you start accepting yourself, loving yourself and taking action on behalf of that same self. You are worthy. You will be worthified. You will be helped. We will help you in every way we possibly can. Hold on. The dark isn’t so dark as it looks like as it only stands and holds the light within. And you are light, plenty of light. It is just a matter of time. Keep the faith. Keep the faith and meanwhile take action on behalf of yourself and be meaningful busy. Set a goal. Point a positive mark on the horizon and work gently towards this. You are worthy. You are loved. You are a child of the universe. We see you. Do you see yourself?

Love, Irmgard