The fractal belief of everything what is, is your inner truth. The fractality of its means includes its origin, its meaning and its prophesied ways to express itself. There is no standard way, not one major belief nor standardized singularity…

All what is there may be pronounced in its particular way of being. Always with love, uplifting, positive and without seclusions, judgements and standardizations. You are not another soul and everybody’s belief is different, is personalized and is seductive to its own thinking. Of the mind.

Therefore it is a real challenge when you work into the light to keep your terms focused on what your belief is, to what you feel what is right and what is preferenced to tell, to spread or give to others. Do not seclude, don’t measure your input with the standards of the mind, the common standardization how it used and should be and your personality. With its pain, vain and perhaps ego too.

All is driven from the light. All is given by the love. Do not put your mark on this when it does not contribute to one or another soul. It should always be given in a worthful soft mildness and no one is there to point fingers, to say you do it right or wrong or is convinced about its own personal convictions.

No on has the golden rule, standard nor is almighty enough to pronounce itself as the all knowing guru. How aligned you are there is always your earthly origin what sets you back in place. On your feet. Perhaps some think there are almighty and have all the wisdom inside nevertheless that can be driven more by the humanly ego than by the universal wealth, input and alignation.

Do always have a grip, when you spread the light and bring it to your regions, (with your earthly feet) on the ground and do realize that although you have an immense silver lining there is not one truth. As your means are always driven by your humanity too, personality and your own living standards. The fact that you are not robotized and have feelings is a great good, a healthy tool but also a distractor personale.

It is unbelievable worthy that you stay grounded, connected with your earthly ground and only let yourself be distracted by the loving input, uplifting input and universal positivity. In all means that is what should drive you in the here, the now and ever.

Love, Irmgard