You with your humanly mind are used to evoke your truth, to live your truth, to radiate your truth, with the humanly mind. That is fine by us. Do what your please. Live what you want to live. Nevertheless don’t forget that you are not here to let your body evolve into oneness into the prophesied way of the divine. Not at all! You are here to let your soul evolve into the awakening, into the openness of being. In your conscious you lies the truth of being, lies the truth of your existence, lies the truth you set birth in your humanly form for the universal reason of being.

The evoked truth is near. As the evoked truth is always near. You can differ the evoked truth in two types of being: the one you evoke with the mind. We highly do not recommend this type of evoking truth. But you also have the evoked truth, evoked with your soul. By your soul. This truth of being is the truth the universe prophesies. Not the other way around.

The evoked truth is never, universally seen, the wisdom you evoke with your mind. As the wisdom of the mind is restricted to its knowledge, to its intelligence but also restricted to the science of knowing. Humanly knowing. You rather think you own the knowledge, that you are highly developed as a humanly creature but we have to say, to emphasize, that you -universally seen- just have been born. We do not measure in time as time is not and never will be a universal component of the universal energies. The energy of the universe is measured in light. Is measured in love. Based on these two vast and steady components, pillars, the universal gatherings of combined energies are founded, rooted and exist into oneness. In co-extensional meaning of the energies who apply to the love and light of the universal existence, wisdom and rooting in the highest form, energetical form, of being.

So resumed, you are as humanly specie just born. Welcome to the universe we would like to say to you. You just set foot into the energetical co-existence of the common wealth of the combined energies of the love and light. The light and the love. You might think you own all the wisdom. Well, we suggest to keep on evolving as your (emotional) intelligence (as we compare this to the other co-extensional gatherings of beings. Mostly energetical beings) needs to expand into this oneness. Of the co-extensional gathering of joint ventures of love. Of light. As a substantial part of The Great Plan of Love. The universal alignation of many, many dimensions to found the universe more in the love, for the love and with love. To root the universe more with the light, in the light, for the light. All to become more into oneness.

We are sorry to say so again but you have to evolve. Not only in your humanly form into the energetical state of being, in your planetary means as the vast form is not very universally likewise and the emotional intelligence. Well, we won’t emphasize that any longer… however your humanly creature, creative existence is rather plain, ‘unsophisticated’, but also your intelligence needs to be uplifted. So do your souls.

Many of you even don’t know, aren’t aware, they have a soul. How soul unworthy is that! That is why so many loving other energetical creatures, energetical beings, are highly involved with your humanly race. Your humanly state of being. You are not alone. You never was and you never will be. From the start, your early start we mean (you might think you come a long way but universally seen, as said, you are just born) the other, higher developed intelligent beings, intelligences, are highly involved with your domestication, your expanding and your evolving on -you call it- earth.

As your souls needs to evolve we suggest to quit the thinking. Let that mind rule only the practical state of your humanly form and just go with your soul flow. As this flow of being, the flow of your precious and beloved soul (we keep on emphasizing that) has our universal attention. As your soul evolution is the universal birthright of being. Of existence. You souls do not only evolve into the dust, in an embodied state, but is also able to evolve in other dimensions in an energetical form. To make it more complicated perhaps, we suggest just go with what we say and explain, your soul is even capable to evolve itself without any birth at all!

In the universal gathering of the energetical being of the soul a soul is even capable to evolve itself to the great well of the universe. The source of light and love. The energetical wellspring of all energetical beings. Of all energetical souls. How beautiful is that? You do not differ so much of each other. Of all that other species. Who says, by the way, that they are ‘extra-terrestrial’ as most of them are around you into their energetical form of being and help you on your path, help you evolve and carry you in all their love, sweetness and light along your path. You are never alone and never will be. All the gatherings together come from one source and will return to one source of being. The great well of Al(l). You are sprouted into oneness and you will evolve into oneness.

You are all aligned. In strings of energy. In family of souls. In circles of souls, in circles of trust and in circles of knowledge. Universal knowledge. Universal wisdom. ‘Ancient’ universal wisdom. And this emotional intelligence, this wisdom of the energetical gatherings, these inner knowing’s can be found in your inner self. In your soul. As one soul differs in time of being (say age, that is the earthly translation) this wisdom differs too. You speak of old souls. But that is not the correct explanation as we do not measure in time, remember?

We are not negative about your existence. Not at all! We just want to make you aware that your soul evolution, as a humanly creature, as a humanly soul, just has begun. That is why we keep on emphasizing to leave the thinking. With that preoccupied mind of yours. You are not able to evolve your soul with your mind. Evolving… is soul related. So the evoked truth is always near. And not the one you live with the mind. The truth you live with the soul is the universal truth. That is what we want to say for the now. Spread our words, keep your own mind off and do you thing into the light and into the love of the universal gathering of all beings. As it is just a purpose of being. Carry it out with all your heart, soul, passion, eagerness to radiate and keep the ego mind off!

Channelled by Irmgard – 28 October 2019

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